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A Rule About Roster Configuration

They knowwwww better. And you should know better as well. Gone are the days where we put owners in a box and limit their freedom and creativity. “You must have 2 RB’s sir, and 2 WR’s and do not forget your 1 TE” – NO! It’s an all out flex war with this rule change in which the only thing required of each owner is to fill 1 QB spot. After that, all bets are off.


How It Works

Every team needs that QB to lead them to victory. But after that, why shouldn’t an owner be able to fill their roster full of running backs if they so choose. Oh, you play in a full PPR league? Maybe you opt to skip running backs all together and roster wideouts and tight ends who see a lot of action on a per-game basis. The idea is to free up each team to flex positions (RB/WR/TE) after the standard 1 QB spot. This type of league throws out the traditional nature of Fantasy Football, but it can be a ton of fun when everyone is on board. Not for the faint of heart and definitely for the open-minded, this is a really fun way to shake up a stale league.  


What will likely happen (except for maybe a couple crazies) is that you will see each team be relatively balanced depending on your league scoring settings. But this is when your bench spots become valuable. Maybe you have 2 tight ends with incredible matchups and 3 running backs on bye. No worries, throw in those tight ends. The interchangeability of your new roster configuration may make things easier on your owners, or for those indecisive in nature it may be a nightmare. Either way, it will be a heck of a good time to see the unique ways in which owners choose to play out the season.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Adjust roster configurations to have 1 mandatory QB position and the remaining roster spots will all be RB/WR/TE flex spots.
  • Determine a scoring system and make it well known to league members so they can strategize how to fill the new roster, full of freedom.
  • You may still want to limit (or eliminate limit) on players per position. Many sites automatically cap the amount of RB’s you can select per team, for example. If you are really committing, eliminate these caps all together and watch the madness ensue.

Change Ups

If you are feeling really frisky then open these positions up to QB’s as well, or even IDP’s. Due to the high scoring nature of most QB’s it probably would be a good idea to cap how many each team may own. Or then again, MAYBE NOT, you crazy commissioner you!


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