My Commish Rules

Everyone thinks their fantasy football league is the best.

Let us help you make that a reality, once and for all.

Bored of playing in your same, old fantasy football league? 

Fantasy football is great. But have you grown bored of the same old league rules? Searching for something new, fun, and exciting to revive the energy your league once had? Spice things up with new rules and settings that will make your league truly the best one on the block. 


Discover new ways to manage trades, randomize the draft order, determine keepers, try out a dynasty league, and even find new ways to humiliate the poor sap who took last place – ALL WITHIN YOUR EXISTING LEAGUE! 


MyCommishRules is the place to find a huge list of these awesome changes that you can make in your league. 


There’s no registration or new log-ins needed – just plug and play! Search our library for in-depth descriptions of each rule and even learn how to implement them into your league right now!

Life is too short for
boring fantasy football

Tons of New Ways to Play

Unique Scoring Structures

Fun Trade, Waiver, and Keeper Rules

Alternative League Formats

More Ways to Compete Against Your Friends

Four Categories to Explore

League Startup Kits

Our League Startup Kits will give you everything you need to be successful in becoming the Commish of your leaguemate’s dreams.

League Mechanics

When should your playoffs start? How does your league determine the order of the draft? What breaks a tie? Which scheduling system makes the most sense?

Roster Rules

We have a curated list of all the ways you can reconfigure how leaguemates manage roster positions, waivers, trades, and keepers. 

Wagers and Payouts

Winning money is great, right?


Well, we promise that winning your friend’s money is even better.

Downloadable Rule Summaries for Easy Sharing with Leaguemates

New Rules Added Mondays and Thursdays during the offseason (July - August).

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You're the Commish.
Make your own rules.