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Boot Kickers

A Rule About Roster Configuration

Heading into the Fantasy Football season the biggest question on everyone’s mind was this: Who do I spend my 15th round pick on? Greg Zuerlein or Stephen Gostkowski? Sure, Gostkowski had been the top scoring kicker in the league four out of the previous five years, but Zuerlein had just posted an unprecedented high score for kickers, the highest of the last five years by a substantial margin. By this point you might be wondering why you are still reading this Rule and what a gigantic waste of time this has been and now we have proven our point about eliminating kickers from your fantasy football league. Because if you spent even a minute of your time debating which kicker you would draft then it was a minute too long.


How It Works

Here’s the deal. It does not matter. It doesn’t. On average the number one kicker in the league scores around 40 points higher than the number 10 kicker. Over the course of a 16 week season that is 2.5 points per week higher than the 10th kicker. Which means the margin between 1 and 3 or 1 and 6 is even slimmer and the Stephen Gostkowski’s of the world only come around as often as a dynasty such as the New England Patriots comes around.


There is no point stressing over a position where the variance is so little. Unless your kicker has a season ending injury or their bye week comes, there is a small chance you should ever need to scour the waivers looking for someone better. The only time kickers are noticed is when one has an abysmal week with multiple misses and their owner is cursing his name. For all of these reasons we suggest booting kickers from your league. If you don’t want to take the slight dip in total average score each week, hey add a flex position instead!


Nuts and Bolts

  • Edit rosters in your league settings to remove the kicker position altogether.
  • If you so choose, replace kicker position with something like a flex position. See our other Roster Configuration Rules for ideas

Change Ups

If you really feel like shaking things up combine this with our Drop Defense Format to completely cut out unnecessary tomfoolery in your league. Or look at our QB-All Flex Rule to fill that empty roster spot and maybe the void in your heart from that missing kicker spot. Roster changes are always one of easiest changes to make in a league, but can also have the largest impact in your week-to-week matchups. Except for this one. Kickers do not matter at all. Get rid of them.


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