My Commish Rules

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If you’re feeling burnt out on your current league or want to try something different, our League Startup Kits will give you everything you need to be successful in becoming the Commish of your leaguemate’s dreams. 

A Commish's Secret Weapon

Redraft Leagues

The traditional fantasy football league format is tried and true. Maybe you’re looking for tips to spruce up your already existing redraft league or you want to make sure you start a new league the right way. We’ve got your back!

Everything You Need To Start
The Perfect League


The hottest trend in fantasy sports. These leagues don’t require any long-term commitment and are perfect for those gamblers among us. Take a look at our DFS Startup Kit before you jump in and lose your shirt.

New Commish? We Can Help!


Are you ready for the full fantasy football experience? Thought of as the ultimate fantasy football league, dynasty leagues are not for the faint of heart. They require a ton of forethought and execution to get started but the payoff is so worth it. The good news is we’ve already done all of that for you. Let us help you out.

Life Is Too Short For
Boring Fantasy Football

Best Ball

Everyone’s favorite part of the fantasy year is the draft, right? In this league, that’s all that matters. Draft your team and let algorithms determine your optimal scoring team each week. We are offering you our all-encompassing knowledge on the matter so you can organize the best Best Ball League, all before draft day.

Play Better Fantasy Football


You asked us to get crazy, so we got crazy. Gadget Leagues include a collection of the most untraditional ways to play fantasy football. Unique scoring formats, wild elimination structures, bizarre draft rules. These leagues are the ones you brag about to your officemate Jeff. Get in here!

You're the Commish.
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