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Drop Defense

A Rule About Roster Configuration

Less predictable than a family reunion is the DST position in any fantasy football league. A good NFL defense can sometimes translate to successful fantasy football numbers, but no expert fantasy analyst can accurately predict a team’s defensive numbers in any given year. So why try? Drop that D!


How It Works

Traditionally one of the last drafted positions, Team Defense is sort of a crapshoot. A staunch defense does not necessarily translate to a high scoring one in fantasy football unless of course there happens to be a stellar kick returner to rack up those special teams touchdowns. Which means this: DST is a filler position which requires relatively little skill as far as draft preparation is concerned. The only people who will be championing this position in the league will be those who recently won a week by having their defense score two touchdowns and putting up 20+ points to win. And in that case, their opponent should have a strong case against the position existing. Overall scoring will obviously take a hit, but with any rule change we implement there is flexibility in order to limit that.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Edit rosters in your league settings to remove the DST position altogether.
  • If you so choose, replace that position with something like a flex position or a defensive player position.

Change Ups

While trimming the excess waste in your league why not combine this rule with the Boot Kickers Rule? Focus on the positions which require more strategy and impact the league. If complaints rain in over a totally offensive league, feel free to add an Individual Defensive Player position in order to supplement. The more hardcore players in your league will likely welcome the challenge and by adding just ONE defensive player, it should not be too overwhelming of a switch.


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