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A Rule About Draft Randomization

Finding out your draft order can be like opening up a Christmas gift from your great-grandmother. You can never be too sure what you’ll get but it is likely you’ll be disappointed. You are either too early or too late or fricken Carl drafts right before you and he always steals your picks. It never pans out the way you want it to. How about taking control of your life and trying something new, like picking your own picks.


How It Works

On the opposite side of the Draft Order Randomization spectrum from drawing owner names out of a hat, is just letting owners choose their own draft positions. Rest assured, there certainly is a reasonable dose of randomization baked into this Rule.


Turn the standings from the previous season upside down and allow the last place team the first opportunity to choose where they will draft in the upcoming season. Depending on their drafting strategy, the keepers they may already have on their roster, or other superstitions, they may or may not choose to draft in the first overall position. After the last place team has cemented their place on the draft board, the second to last place team will then have their opportunity to do the same. This process will continue until last season’s champion is left with the last open draft position.


If your league has historically just drafted in reverse standings order year-over-year, you seem primed and ready for a shake up. This is the Draft Order Randomization Rule for you.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Flip the final standings from last season so that the last place owner is at the top.
  • In this reverse standings order, allow each owner to select their draft position for the upcoming draft. (This does not have to be in order, owners can pick any available draft position.)
  • After all owners have selected their draft positions, last season’s champion is forced to draft in the only position left.

Change Ups

If you want to explore an added layer of randomization to this Rule instead of selecting draft positions in reverse standing order, find an exciting way to determine the selection order. We have a whole host of awesome ways to do this in our Draft Order Randomization page. Choose any one of the Rules on that page, like Plinko or a Horse Race, to determine a new selection order and let the pick picking begin!


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