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100 Yard Rush

A Rule About Draft Order Randomization

“I’m tired of letting our league site determine draft order but I’m too lazy to do anything about it,” – Most league Commishes. Well, what if I told you there was a beautiful place that could serve to randomize your draft order all while creating an exciting event for your league to participate in? Ok, pretty cool. BUT WHAT IF, ON TOP OF THAT, I told you that you’d also get a huge helping of nostalgia along the way? Now we’re talking. 




Gone are the days of letting your league platform randomize your draft and letting your mother pick your outfits!



Randomizing Draft Order on is simple and fun but with enough of a show to make you feel like you did something as The Commish.


This site is beautiful. When you first enter the 100yardrush site you’re greeted by a throwback to those late nights playing Techmo Bowl at sleepovers as a kid – with all of the bright 8-bit colors and pixelated characters but minus all the Cheeto dust on your fingers. 


Once you select the number of owner’s in your league, enter their names, click the mouse a few times to confirm everything and – BOOM! All of a sudden you’re watching a bunch of little tiny 2D runningbacks make their way across the field. 


But how does it all work, you might ask? Well, algorithms. Someone way smarter than us set it up so that every 2 – 7 seconds (randomly selected), each player will move between 1 and 10 “yards” on the screen (also random), for the duration of said 2 – 7 seconds. That means a player can move 10 yards in 2 seconds giving them a strong lead, then immediately queue up for a 1 yard in 7 seconds, which will put them behind. 


While this all happens in the background, the visual result is a race down the field you’ll find yourself cheering for. Eventually, the runningbacks make their way across the goalline to the finish – deciding your upcoming draft order. 


The best part though is that the geniuses at 100yardrush figured out a way to give you a link to an exact copy of the race. That way, you don’t even need to run this as a live event. All you have to do is just copy the link, send it to the group chat, and let them watch the fun for themselves.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Visit, where all of the magic happens.
  • Do a trial run as commissioner, playing around with the various options and watching how things work.
  • Set an official time and day for the event to take place, and encourage league members to gather for the viewing, if possible. 
  • Cheer on your little runner and hope for the best. One race. One official set of results.
  • If not all leaguemates are together to watch the event, be sure to send along the race link!

Change Ups

The programmers of this site have recently made updates to incorporate some “luck” factors such as offering a “Code Race” option where each leaguemates can enter any phrase of their choosing before the race. This can be something meaningful to them like their dog’s name, their favorite drink, their favorite website (MyCommishRules, obvi), or something completely random. That code then gets converted into a series of numeric values on the back end which the app uses to further calculate each runningback’s movements. Essentially, this gives players a bit of ownership in the randomness.


Also, if you’re really feeling ambitious, get the leaguemates together for just one more excuse to enjoy some libations, have some snacks, and talk trash for the most exciting (slight exaggeration) couple of minutes you’ve ever experienced (unless you’re a professional bull rider or have gone skydiving or drove over 60 mph). 


But really when it comes to the actually 100yardrush site itself – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And we can’t think of a single way you would want to change up this rule anywho. It’s your own little personal two-dimensional horse race at the click of a button.


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