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Beer Pong Draft

A Rule About Draft Randomization

Throwing it back to the ol’ College Days, the Beer Pong Draft rule is exactly what you think it is. Get the crew back together in someone’s dirty basement to throw pieces of plastic into bigger pieces of plastic filled with cheap liquid that tastes like plastic. Unlike the glory days of the past however, this beer pong tournament has more at stake than bragging rights. The first overall pick is on the line!


How It Works

Treat this beer pong tournament as you would any other. Owners play in a single elimination bracket with the eventual winner taking home the first overall pick. Seed this beer pong tournament to end all beer pong tournaments as you see fit. We suggest using the league’s final standings from last season. This works extremely smoothly in 8 and 10 team leagues. In those 10 team leagues, designate four teams to play in two separate “play-in games”. The winners of these “play-in games” then enter a standard 8-team bracket to be crowned the league’s best. As owners get eliminated, assign draft picks based on the total number of cups they’ve sunk up to that point. Given the circumstances, any other tiebreakers should be determined by some sort of drinking game.


We won’t go through the arduous task of explaining the proper way to play beer pong (that could be an entirely separate website). Just be sure to make sure you have an agreed upon set of House Rules in effect before someone tries the elusive triple bounce shot. As always, stay safe when mixing fantasy football, friends, and drinking – bad trades can happen at anytime!


Nuts and Bolts

  • Get all league owners together on an unassuming Saturday afternoon
  • Seed the tournament using last season’s final standings. Fantasy football prowess translates directly to the beer pong table, right?
  • Owners play single elimination matches until a champion has been crowned
  • Determine draft order by the final standings of this Beer Pong Tournament
  • Watch those elbows!

Change Ups

This setup pits a single league owner against another. This may seem daunting if you’re trying to avoid a miserable hangover the next day. To speed up this tournament and split the amount each owner drinks in half, pair league owners together for 2 v. 2 games. Determining which owner in a team of two gets the higher draft should come down to whichever owner sunk the most cups….BOUNCE!


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