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A Rule About Head-2-Head Wagers

I once lost the naming rights to the middle name of my first-born child because of the result of an NFL game. The fear of this ever coming to fruition is the sole reason I’ll never have kids but, boy, what a rush!  Allowing someone else to have such free reign on something so important to you is scary – which makes this Head-2-Head Wager so exhilarating. Put the naming rights of your team on the line with the Rename is the Game Rule.


How It Works

In many real (and irrational) ways, our fantasy football teams are our babies. We nurture and care for them from draft day to championship week and beyond. We take care to choose the perfect team name showcasing our keen understanding of pop culture and mastery of puns. Wouldn’t it be exciting to completely undermine all of this hard work on the part of your competition by changing their team name to something terrible like “i <3 butts”?


Luckily for all of you sinister players out there who are loving that thought, this Rule is insanely easy to implement. First, find another owner willing to placing their team’s naming rights on the line for your upcoming matchup. After both owners have agreed to terms, be sure to announce the wager publicly to the league. This way, other owners in the league can pick sides and begin the all important smack talk. Hell, they might even get inspired and make their own Head-2-Head Wagers.


After the results of the matchup are final, the winning owner will inform the Commish of the losing team’s new name. The Commish will then make the change on the league site which will remain in place for the amount of time determined by the terms of the wager, typically for at least one week.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Find a fellow owner to agree to gamble naming rights on the week of your matchup.
  • Be sure to announce this publicly to the rest of the league so that smack talk can ensue and sides can be taken
  • After the matchup is completed, the winning team gets free range to change the name of the losing owner’s team.
  • It’s up to your league how long they wish to leave name changes in effect. We suggest just for one week but for the remainder of the season is great too.

Change Ups

The length of time that the losing owner must keep their team renamed is certainly up to you and your leaguemates. We think it should remain under the new name for at least a week but you could get crazy and require it remain for the rest of the season.


We really like the idea of pairing this Rule with one of our other unique Scheduling Rules like Rivalry Week. Imagine having all teams playing a rival in week 4. Paired with this Rename Rule, beginning in Week 5, half the league will have different team names.


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