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A Rule About Last Place Punishments

Losing sucks but philanthropy rules. As we’ve mentioned previously on this website, fantasy football is the perfect excuse to raise money for a good cause. Here are at least a couple good reasons to divert some of those league dues for charity: 1) you are doing a good thing 2) you can troll the poor soul who took last place in the league by making the donation in their name.


How It Works

Winners get paid, second place gets paid, maybe even the regular season champion gets a little payout. But what about the owner who brings up the rear of the standings with that 3-10 record? What do they get?


Nothing. Still nothing.


However, you can still be somewhat sympathetic to their position on the leaderboard. They really are a charity case, afterall. A loss in your league can literally be the gain for some good cause.


Before the season, discuss changing the payout structure of your league to siphon an amount equal to the league dues out for the purposes of this donation. As an example, let’s say your league dues are $50 in a 10-team league. The total amount of dues collected will be $500. After taking $50 out of that amount for the last place donation, your league’s payout structure would then split the remaining $450 across winning owners.


Some people will probably gripe about the reduced payouts for those owners who actually do well during the season, but in the end, can you really argue against donating to charity? Besides, you will already never hear the end of it from the champion of the league. They probably deserve a lower winning payout anyway.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Prior to the start of the season, agree to a payout structure that includes a donation to a charity of your choice.
  • After the final week, start to brainstorm potential charities that would be perfect given the last place owner and their team.
  • Be sure to document the transaction and any of the forthcoming thank you letters in the league’s group chat for continued laughs and warm-fuzzies.

Change Ups

Open up a poll for all league owners to vote on which charity the donation will be made to. If at all possible be sure to select a charity that is “near and dear” to the last place owner’s heart – whether the charity and its mission is of a real or perceived importance to the last place owner is up for you to decide.


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