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A Rule About Last Place Punishments

We could argue about whether or not standardized tests are ruining America’s education system all day. But, instead of doing that here, we’ll make the most of an unfortunate situation – by forcing one of our friends to take one of those very exact standardized tests. Why? Well because they are terrible at fantasy football. Sounds fun? We think it does too!


How It Works

Imagine: you just completed a rough 15 weeks of fantasy football, you went 2-13 and you just lost the Toilet Bowl Game to your annoying coworker Jeff. It can’t get any worse, right? WRONG, obviously. You just realized that at the beginning of the season, your leaguemates voted in a new Punishment where the last place owner has to retake the ACT. You had so much confidence in yourself, there was no way you were going to be the person taking that test. We think you were even quoted saying “American Collegiate Test? More like American Can’t-win-three-games Test?“ Ufff, ouch, that hurts.


Facilitating this Rule is fairly simple. The Commish can probably find an old ACT practice exam at a thrift shop somewhere or you can order the same ones that all the cool kids are doing nowadays here. The Commish, or some other league owner who is available, should be there while the last place owner takes the exam to ensure that there’s no funny business. There’s a lot riding on the final test score!


Nuts and Bolts

  • As with any Last Place Punishment, make sure all league owners are on board to participate
  • Get your hands on an old ACT Exam
  • The owner who takes last place in the league, takes the ACT Exam. No test prep allowed!
  • The Commish or other league owner should preside over the last place owner taking the exam.

Change Ups

You probably know by now that we at MyCommishRules will take literally any opportunity to gamble – this occasion is obviously no different. Have faith that the last place owner can conquer this measly college entrance exam? Put $10 on it. Or more likely, think the owner will land a score somewhere in the mid-teens that wouldn’t have even go them accepted into the local community college? Put $20 on it. What’s the over-under?


Actually taking the exam is bad, but having to be the person there to proctor it? Not much better, honestly. We suggest making that a punishment as well. Maybe second-to-last should have that honor? Better yet, have your whole league get in on the fun and have the scores of the exams determine next year’s draft order!


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