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Dead Weight

A Rule About Tiebreakers

Ties may be acceptable in the NFL, but this here is Fantasy Football and the stakes are REAL, people. Every year there is a tie in the league and every year some grown man is shocked and befuddled and that is basically our reaction when we hear about leagues without tiebreakers. So snap out of it because there are plenty of ways to break a tie. Are you still playing with the unpredictable kicker and defense positions? Perfect. Drop that dead weight and recalibrate each team’s total score!


How It Works

If you have not yet reviewed our heavily researched, very unbiased Rules Drop Defense and Boot Kickers over in the Roster Configurations part of the site, then this rule should provide a little insight. These positions are usually highly volatile and somewhat unpredictable. But if you are a sucker for tradition and want the standard lineup including kickers and defense from week to week then we get it and we have a perfect use for them (finally). In the event of a tiebreaker, drop the scores of these two dead weight positions and recalculate the score of the remaining starting lineup.


This rule is easy to implement and simple to understand. You just completely disregard the points scored by both kicker and defense and then see which team has the higher score. From there you can add .01 to that team or subtract .01 from the lower scoring team and ipso facto – tie is broken.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Determine pre-season which position(s) will be disregarded in the event of a tie in order to determine the winner of any tie matchups.
  • When a tie occurs, subtract the points scored by that position or positions from the team’s total score.
        • NOTE: You will not actually deduct these points yet, so that way you are not substantially changing scores just to break ties.
  • When you determine which team’s remaining score is higher, deduct .01 from the losing team in order to effectively award the win/loss and break the tie.

Change Ups

Maybe you don’t play with both of these positions or maybe you don’t want to drop both as a tiebreaker. That’s fine. You can choose to just drop kickers! Or just drop defense! Or just drop tight end! TBH, we really don’t care what you do so long as you don’t allow ties.


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