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Cut Flex & Run

A Rule About Tiebreakers

Flex position is so wide open and possibly the most difficult position to peg down from week-to-week. Many leagues allow RB/WR/TE and some even a second QB. It is a grueling process debating whether to plug in a running back or wide receiver and depending on the format of your league (ppr, ½ ppr) it really becomes a dart throw at times. The good news is that it also makes it a very easy position to help break ties.         


How It Works

Similar to our Dead Weight tiebreaker, the Cut Flex & Run rule disregards a position from each team and reviews the remaining lineup scores. By removing flex from the total score you truly are comparing each team position by position. It is consistent. It is fair. It is oldschool Fantasy Football before these young bucks came in and introduced the flex position with their baggy jeans and loud music. Sure maybe it is a bit stuffy. But hey, if it can help break a tie in your league, why not commemorate those grumpy old men who built the game we’ve been working to perfect ever since?


At the end of the week, if both teams are staring at a tie, all you need to do as Commish is check their flex positions. Which flex player scored more? Decrease that owner’s score by .01 points and move on with your life. It sounds counterintuitive (we know), but the team with the higher scoring flex position is the team whose remaining lineup scored LESS points. No need to reward that owner for their lucky dart throw. No serious score alterations need to take place other than that .01. After that the tie is broken and everything is right in the world again.


Nuts and Bolts

  • In the result of a tie, look at the amount of points scored in the flex position of each team.
  • Disregard points scored by that position from the overall point total of each team.
  • Once the points of the flex player is out of the picture, manually decrease the score of the team with less points by .01 points, effectively breaking the tie.

Change Ups

You can easily do the reverse of this rule. Look at the flex position who scored MORE points and award that owner the victory. Perhaps in your mind, it takes more strategy to effectively select a player to put into that slot and the owner should be rewarded as such.


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