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Connect Four

A Rule About Scoring

We sat down with everyone we could find at MyCommishRules HQ (all two of us) to answer a very important question: Why are coordinated touchdown celebrations increasing in recent years? Here is what we came up with: IT’S FUN. It’s more fun. Nothing beats watching the camaraderie of two players connecting for a score and then celebrating it. Well maybe one thing beats it — like having both of those players on your fantasy team. While players are celebrating at the game you can be celebrating from your couch with a few bonus points.


How It Works

In daily fantasy (DFS), this is called “stacking” – as in the act of drafting both a quarterback and additional skill position from the same NFL team to your roster in the hopes of doubling up on scoring when they’re both involved in a play. The reason this is so popular in DFS is because you can take advantage of a good matchup and may be easier to predict week to week. BUT – we here at MCR think this should expand beyond DFS because you should be rewarded for rostering the only two players who touch the ball on a scoring play.


Naturally, this rule only applies on scoring pass plays. If the QB you started passes it to a RB/WR/TE you also started and the play results in a score, you will receive normal points (as decided by your league. We’ve got some ideas on that, too) AND each player will be awarded two bonus points, for a total of four. Win, win, win. Boom. Connect Four, team celebration, fist pumps from couch, etc, etc.


Implementation of this rule change can be fairly painless. Some league sites are highly customizable and will allow this feature to be adjusted within the scoring settings. If you don’t use one of these league sites, as Commish you have the ability to manually change scores for each team each week to account for these stacked scores. Don’t worry – odds are there will not be a huge number of these each week, so this is a fairly easily managed rule adjustment.


Nuts and Bolts

  • As always, inform your leaguemates of this new rule suggestion. Vote. 
  • Decide how many bonus points you’ll allow for owners who start both the QB and skill player involved in a scoring play. We suggest two bonus points for each player – totalling four. 
  • Determine if your league site has the option for automatic stacked scoring.
  • If not, Commish is to manually add bonus points to players after the week’s games.

Change Ups

The amount of bonus points awarded can be adjusted. If you really want to incentivize stacking, increase the number of bonus points scored. Feeling lazy? Do you trust your leaguemates? Have them keep track of stacked scoring and self-report at the end of the week’s games. If they forget to report — no bonus. 


Want to make some use of those worthless kicker/defense positions? If teams stack kickers and defense/special teams — award a bonus point for each made field goal. YOU get a bonus! And YOU get a bonus!


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