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Rivalry Week

A Rule About Scheduling

North Carolina-Duke. Michigan-Ohio State. Green Bay-Chicago. Rivalries are one of the major reasons why we love sports. The “Us v.s. Them” mentality keeps us coming back year after year. Besides that one week where you take out your workplace frustrations on Jeff in your office league, most Fantasy Football leagues don’t have those kind of heart pumping rivalries. The matchups that you circle on your calendar are the ones that make it all worth it. Rivalry Week formalizes these matchups that may or may not serve as mini-Super Bowls to your owners.



We all have that one leaguemate that we just NEED to beat every time you two are matched up. Maybe you have some lingering need to get back at them for stealing your seat at lunch way back in 4th grade. Maybe they’re your boss and this is your one way of sticking it to the man. Maybe they’re your spouse. As Commish, we can capture these feuds and use them to our advantage in creating a well-rounded, ultra-competitive league.


On the chart of difficulty to implement and impact on the league, the Rivalry Week Rule is one of the shining stars. Extremely easy to implement but with a huge positive impact on the league’s competitive spirit.


Choose one week during the season to have all of these rivalry matchups play out in the schedule. Rivalry matchups can be created in a couple of different ways:

1) The Commish chooses who plays who, or

2) Owners choose who their rival is


Both options have pros and cons, but we suggest having owners choose as to avoid any push back on your choices as Commish. Once rivals are paired, you can go in to the league site and manually adjust schedules accordingly. Owners should be encouraged to stack on other Head-2-Head Wagers during these Rivalry Week Matchups to sweeten the pot and to take home something more than bragging rights.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Choose a week during the middle of the season and deem it Rivalry Week.
  • All owners should choose their preferred rival leaguemate.
  • Manually set schedules to pair rival owners for matchups during the chosen Rivalry Week.
  • Encourage side bets and other Head-2-Head Wagers.

Change Ups

How you choose to determine which owners are considered rivals is up to you and your leaguemates. If you are in a league together with a group of close friends that have known each other for a long time, this will likely be very easy to determine. However, if you’re part of a league with people you don’t know very well, you could use the previous season as a guiding light. Create rematches of last year’s playoff bracket or in final standings order. You could also use player rosters to set these matchups. Are two star RBs playing each other in the NFL that week? Match the owners of those players together.


Additionally, this Rule is literally made to pair with other Head-2-Head Wagers. Think of how much fuel you could add to the rivalry-fire if owners played for Player Pink Slips that week!


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