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Hot Streaks

A Rule About Scoring

From DOWNTOWN! He’s on fire! Sometimes when you’re in the zone, you feel unstoppable. Think Ken Jennings on Jeopardy or Bobby Flay on The Iron Chef or Cersei on Game of Thrones. The Hot Streaks Rules is the best thing since you were a little kid dribbling around the court with that flaming basketball in NBA Jam.


How It Works

Stringing together three or more wins in a row gives us LIFE during the mid-season slog of fantasy football. Demonstrating to the other owners your team management prowess is one of the highlights of fantasy. It is time to keep that feeling rolling. The Hot Streak Rule awards those owners who are trending in the right direction by giving them a point boost for every week they stay riding on the winning train.


Under this Rule, owners who have won three head-2-head matchups in a row will receive a point bonus in the following week. The amount of points this owner receives as a bonus is ultimately up to you. We recommend sticking within the range of 2 – 5 points, which is enough to make a difference by the time Monday night rolls around but not enough that its insurmountable.


Conversely, owners can also go on Cold Streaks. If an owner has lost three head-2-head matchups in a row, they shall receive a negative point penalty in the following week. Together, the Hot and Cold Streak points will keep the league engaged and always striving to get back in the win column.


Logistically, this is another one of those easy to implement rules. Simply, go into the league dashboard to manually edit an owners points prior to the games each week.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Determine the length of winning streak that constitutes a Hot/Cold Streak. A three game winning or losing streak is what we recommend as a good starting point.
  • Once an owner is on a Hot Streak, that owner will continue to receive a predetermined point bonus for each week so long as they continue their winning ways. If that owner loses, they must once again go on a three game winning streak to get bonus points.
  • The inverse applies to those owners who have lost three weeks in a row, activating the Cold Streak point penalty.
  • Prior to the week’s matchups, The Commish will manually edit each owner’s points accordingly.

Change Ups

You ultimately have the final say in how many wins or losses it will take to trigger the bonus/penalty. We only offer up three wins as a starting point. You could easily adapt this to be a progressive scale where for every consecutive win an owner tallies, they get a corresponding amount of bonus points. For example, after a one game win streak, one extra point the next week. Two game win streak, two extra points the next week. Eight game win streak, eight extra points the next week.


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