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A Rule About Scoring

Morgan. Crunch. Planet. We all have a captain in our hearts. In the NFL, being captain means wearing a tiny little badge and calling heads or tails. Exhilarating. Now, try to think of a world where being the Captain means something. WELCOME TO THAT WORLD! Each week the Captain of your fantasy football team will see an automatic point increase. Take that Captain Kangaroo! 


How It Works

Here is what happens. Owners will pick a player on their team to be named “Captain” of their squad and no matter their performance that week, this player will receive a 20% bonus (rounded up to the next full point if your league doesn’t use fractional points) added to their final point total. Owners will notify The Commish of their captain prior to the start of that week’s games and then The Commish will be in charge of manually changing the point totals at the end of the week’s Monday night game(s).


If an owner wants, they can choose the same player as captain for the entire year. Or as Commish, you can set some limits, i.e. not choosing the same player consecutive weeks or having a player max out as Captain after three weeks. It is also important to establish how you would like to be notified about owner’s Captains each week. This can be through the group chat or word of mouth, but we suggest easier ways such as a working Google Doc, or better yet – a Google Form that each owner will have access to. This way you don’t need to shake owners down, and you have record of each team’s Captains week-to-week.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Owners will deem one starting player their Capitan. This player will automatically receive a 20% point bonus to their point total that week. 
  • Commish establishes how they would like to be notified of each team’s Captain every week and sets up the time and day that will be the submission deadline.
  • If using a Google Form or Google Doc to record Captains, create this and send out the link to each owner.
  • After each week, manually add bonus points (20% per team Captain, rounded up) to each team. To make it easy we suggest doing this all at once after the last game of the week.
  • Since points will be added manually each week, there will be no need for any rule or settings changes within the league site.

Change Ups

As mentioned above you can limit the number of weeks a player can be Captain or notify owners that players can not be chosen in consecutive weeks. This is a good way to stop owners from choosing their QB every week, which may happen simply due to the nature of the game in which QB’s consistently score more than any other position. Or if you want to get crazy, we can get crazy. Introducing: “the Scrub.”


Opposite to the Captain, each week on your team will also be the “Scrub.” This player will see a 20% decrease in their point total for the week. But that is not all. The Scrub is actually chosen by your opponent. Just as you submit your Captain each week, you will determine which of your opponent’s players is the Scrub. If doing this anonymously it adds a new element of strategy to each week’s set of games.


Who do you think your opponent will call Captain? Do you want to choose that player as their Scrub and try to offset the point increase? Or will you choose a different Captain assuming your opponent will know that is the obvious choice and name him your Scrub?! ARE WE PLAYING FANTASY FOOTBALL OR ARE WE PLAYING CHESS?! This may be a lot to take in for a league so feel free to start with just captains for the first year and see if your league is ready for Scrubs the next.


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