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Undisputed Champ

A Rule About Payouts

You’ve battled your opponents well throughout the entire season. You’ve body slammed a few, you’ve been body slammed. You’ve been the crowd favorite, you might have even turned heel for a time. It was a long slog and a lot of hard work. But ultimately, you made it to the championship game and you came out victorious. Then how do they reward you? Some cash? Bragging rights? Pffft. 


It’s time to step up your championship trophy game.


How It Works

One of the best parts of fantasy football is that if you play it just right, you get the chance at a whole year’s worth of boasting about your superiority. But sometimes that just isn’t enough, is it? We know what you really want. You want something that proclaims to everyone you come in contact with that you are fantasy football’s undisputed champ. Maybe something you can even casually wear to the supermarket while getting groceries. 


Forget a trophy (What is this? A 1980’s bowling league?) – you want a championship belt. I mean, look at these things…beautiful.



Imagine showing up to next season’s draft rocking this thing over your shoulder. Intimidating.


But where to get such a thing? There are tons of sites out there that offer belts like this, but in our mind, there is really only one site worth consideration – If there was a championship belt for championship belts, these guys would be Stone Cold Steve Austin. They’ve built the Ultimate Fantasy Football trash talking tool and managed to keep it affordable in the process. Their quality materials and high customizable metal plates will help you establish an entirely new tradition in your league. Promise.


Maybe the best part of having a physical trophy/belt for your league is that, much like in other sports, the champion gets sole possession of it and has the freedom to do whatever they so choose with it to make their mark. Have it engraved, hang it on a wall, wear it to work, or all three.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Consult with leaguemates about adding a league championship belt and establishing a new tradition.
  • Commission a beautiful custom belt from our buds at
  • The winner of the league at the end of the season becomes the Undisputed Champ and takes possession of the belt until the official start of the next fantasy season.
  • Start planning out your WWE-style entrance song.

Change Ups

We honestly can’t think of anything better than this, so we’re not even going to try to come up with some change ups. However, if your league isn’t the biggest fan of the idea of a championship belt, no worries. The experts over at do more than just championship belts. What about a ring a la those glitzed out Super Bowl rings NFL players get? They got ‘em. Just imagine all the great Godfather and Frank Underwood references. This stuff basically writes itself.


Now, unless your name is Santa Claus Commish, you may not be willing to shell out the dough all on your own for one of these bad boys (although it will practically pay for itself). That’s why you have a league full of devoted fantasy football owners all itching to prove their worth and have something to show for it. So here are a few ways to have the league help chip in.

  • Increase league dues on a per team basis to cover the cost.
  • Implement some league fines for things such as missing league dues or keeper selection deadlines.
  • Charge teams a small fee ($.05 – $.50) per transaction, add/drops, and trades throughout the season. Most sites have an automatic transaction counter and fees can be collected all at once at the end of the year. 

It’s honestly a small price to pay for the ability to pass along an Undisputed Champ belt and create a life-long tradition in your league.


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