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Late Tax

A Rule About League Dues

In this League Dues Rule, it’s all about speed. The sooner a league owner pays you their annual dues, the less they will have to pay. Those that lollygag or take their sweet time giving you the runaround, will pay the price – literally.


How It Works

The Late Tax Rule, is just as it sounds. At a specific and well advertised time, The Commish officially kicks off the new season. On this date, league transactions can begin to take place including trades, keeper declarations, and you guessed it – payment of league dues. Under the Late Tax League Dues Rule, this kickoff is also when the payment clock begins. The Commish will accept dues at this time from all league owners. However, based on the date and time of payment, owners will pay different amounts. This added incentive will have owners scrambling to be one of the first to pay league dues on time and in full.


In a ten team league, the first six league owners to pay their dues will receive a 10% discount and the last three owners will pay a 20% late tax. You, the Commissioner, will not be able to receive the early payment discount and will pay the normal league dues in order to avoid any question of unfairness. In a twelve team league, the math gets a little more complex, the first 7 owners will receive the 10% discount and the last four owners will be charged a 17.5% late tax.


Logistically, this can be accomplished a few different ways.


The recommended MyCommishRules method is to have all league owners submit electronic payments to you in the amount of the inflated Late Tax amount (typical league dues plus 20%). Based on the timestamp of the payments, you can then issue refunds to the first 6 owners (7 owners in a 12-team league) in the amount that will give them a 10% discount. For example, if your typical league fees are $50, have each owner submit a $60 payment to you. You can then determine which 6 (or 7) owners made their payments first and immediately issue them a $15 refund, effectively reducing their league dues to $45 (a 10% discount). The remaining owners will not be issued refunds.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Discuss and agree upon a specific date and time to kickoff the new fantasy football season.
  • Once the season has officially begun, the Commish will accept league dues payments.
  • All league owners will submit payments in the amount of an inflated league dues (120% of typical dues).
  • The first 6 owners (or 7 in 12-team leagues) to submit their payment will receive a 10% discount in the form of a refund.
  • The last 3 owners (or 4 in 12-team leagues) to submit their payment will not receive a refund and their dues will remain at the inflated amount.
  • The Commish will pay the typical league dues amount and will not be eligible for the early payment discount.

Change Ups

Tie the kickoff of the open season to an external event. This will ensure that all league owners are aware of a common starting point. For example, have league owners text the final score of a specific pre-season NFL game to the league’s group chat. The first half of the league owners to correctly respond in the group chat will pay the discounted league dues and the last half will pay the penalty fee.


If your league is a keeper league, you can easily tie this League Dues Rule to the declaration of keepers. Kickoff the season at a date and time specified in advance and have owners submit their desired keeper and league dues simultaneously.


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