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Weekly Goals

A Rule About Payouts

“I want it now,” said the bad egg girl in Willy Wonka and BOY DID SHE GET IT. Well we feel you and that is why we are introducing the Weekly Goals Rule. No longer must you wait an entire season to see dividends. It’s time to collect baby, by hitting a goal each week of your fantasy football season.


How It Works

Each week a different goal will be set in which one team who reaches that goal will receive a weekly payout. As commissioner you will likely set the goal for the first week. Keep in mind it should be something that will easily be awarded to just one team, i.e. most points scored. Set a payout amount to be awarded the team who reaches that goal. It does not have to be big money, but a little something something to keep the excitement going week-to-week. Whichever team wins the payout will then decide on the goal for the following week.


This will require either shaving a little off the end of year payouts, or increasing the league dues. This can be a really fun rule for those teams that get obliterated, but still somehow manage to win the weekly payout. Maybe the goal was to have their kicker kick the longest field goal and they just happened to win a little extra spending cash for that 52-yarder.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Determine the dollar amount for the weekly payout.
  • Establish where the extra cash is coming from, i.e. increase league fees or lower final payouts.
  • As commissioner, decide the first week goal and give the league examples of future goals, such as:
    • Longest field goal, most points scored, least points scored, most rushing yards by QB, etc.

Change Ups

There are endless opportunities for thinking up new week-to-week goals. Check out our Roster Configuration Rules for inspiration on position-specific goals. We can think of a ton right now: slimmest margin of victory, single longest play, highest scoring defense, see how easy this is for us?!


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