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Plinko Draft

A Rule About Draft Randomization

Remember those days when you would fake being sick so that you could stay home from school to avoid taking that quiz in Social Studies? Instead, you would watch as much TV as humanly possible, but it turns out that the only things on were soap operas and the Price is Right. Well, we think Bob Barker was onto something with that Plinko game. The thrill of a ball bouncing through a minefield of obstacles just got even more exciting! 


We love this idea as a way to determine your fantasy football draft order. Grab a piece of plywood, some golf tees, and a ping pong ball and meet in the Deets section below.


How It Works

We borrow heavily from your favorite 10 am weekday slot game show, the Price is Right, for this Draft Order Randomization Rule. The first order of business here is obviously to acquire a plinko board. We suggest making a custom one at home with some spare golf tees, a piece of plywood or foam core, and some glue or tape. But, if you’re not the crafty type, you can always get one for fairly cheap on Amazon or another online purveyor of goods.

The best part of using a plinko board as a way to determine your fantasy football draft order is that it gives league owners the ability to physically play the game with the outcome still being very random. Game play is similar to the OG plinko game. Each owner is given a number of ping pong balls, typically 5 or 7, to play with. They drop the balls down the board and watch as the balls finally meander into slots at the bottom assigned with different point values. Draft order is then determined using the total amount of points scored by each league owner. 


Nuts and Bolts

  • Build or purchase a plinko board. Bonus points for the best homemade plinko board!
  • One by one, each owner takes their turn dropping the ping pong balls down the board into the slots at the bottom.
  • Calculate the total points earned by each owner.
  • The league owner with the most points gets the first overall pick in the upcoming draft and so on down the line.

Change Ups

Because this requires at least some effort on the part of you, the Commish, either to purchase or make this plinko board, we suggest utilizing it for many other things throughout the course of the year. Use the board as the de facto tiebreaker in head-to-head matchups. Use it to settle minor disputes. Use it settle major disputes. 


The power is in the plinko.


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