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Long Play Bonus

A Rule About Scoring

“He takes a shot downfield. Caught! 10…5…touchdown!”


The deep hail mary or explosive sideline scamper are some of the most exciting plays in all of football. While these long touchdowns translate to points for your fantasy team, they happen so rarely and are so game-changing that it feels like they should be worth a little something extra. This way that early draft pick on that play-making receiver may just be worth it.


How It Works

It’s always fun to add more ways of scoring points on a weekly basis. Using the Long Play Bonus Rule rewards players who take it coast to coast for the score.


When a player, whether a RB, WR, or TE, scores a touchdown of 40 or more yards, this player earns all the usual points for yardage and the score. However, under this rule, that player would also receive a Long Play Bonus of 4 extra points.


Logistically, this is an extremely simple Rule to implement. Most league sites will allow Commissioners to select which plays receive bonuses. Some sites even have this bonus as a stock option, all you need to do is enable it.  


Nuts and Bolts

  • With your leaguemates, determine which play distance will trigger this bonus. We suggest scores of 40 yards or longer.
  • Determine which positions are eligible to receive this bonus. Will QBs get bonus points?
  • Enable bonus point settings on your league site’s Commissioner Dashboard.

Change Ups

The traditional way to play this rule is to only apply the bonus to the skill player (RB, WR, and TE) scoring the touchdown. If you so choose, you can also apply the rule to the QB who is dropping the dimes to the players.


Don’t like the seemingly arbitrary 40 yard or more threshold? That’s cool, we’ve heard of other leagues that add bonus points on a sliding scale depending on the yardage of the play. For example, a 52-yard touchdown would receive an additional 5 points, whereas a 76-yard score would get an extra 7 points bonus.


For a truly high scoring, high powered league, combine the Long Play Bonus Rule with something like the Big Game Bonus Rule and prepare for some 200+ point weeks!


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