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A Rule About League Dues

As the fantasy season approaches (HELLO! IT’S HERE!) we know you commissioners out there have a million things on your mind. Renew the league, contact owners, fill league spots, consider rule changes (Hey, we know a site for that…). But perhaps the most stressful is the question of how you will collect league dues this season. Unless you were the 3rd grade bully stealing lunch money in the 60’s or currently work for the IRS, chances are you are not the biggest fan of collecting these dues. And that is why we have found the perfect solution: The Accountabilibuddy.


How It Works

Think of the Accountabilibuddy as that person you put down as an emergency contact on doctor’s forms, or you field trip buddy from grade school. Their main job is to make sure that you are safe and accounted for and always has your best interest in mind. Now forget everything we just taught you about the Accountabilibuddy. This person is now the muscle commissioners send out to collect dues when they cannot seem to shake down team owners by themselves. 


Prior to the start of the season, have owners submit a name and phone number of their Accountabilibuddy to The Commish. We highly suggest this be someone in regular contact with the owners. Someone who can remind them constantly or subtly ask, “hey, have you paid your wonderful commissioner those league dues yet?” Significant others are great to recruit for this task, if willing. Not only does it help make them feel as if they are a part of the league, but it also informs them how much their loved ones may be spending each year on fantasy football. Either way, it helps lessen the burden on you as a commissioner.


In all honesty, just the thought that somebody else could be checking in with them about league dues will get owners to get league dues paid in full and on time in the first place. After all, how many of us want to hear about league dues not only from our commissioner, but from our loved ones as well?


Nuts and Bolts

  • Before the year begins, explain the implementation of the Accountabilibuddy and the reason for it existing. 
  • Collect a name and number of the Accountabilibuddy for each owner.
  • Inform team owners that their Accountabilibuddy will NOT be contacted unless they fail to pay league dues by specified dates, at which point their Accountabilibuddy will be hearing from you.
  • League owners should still get a reminder to pay prior to reaching out to their Accountabilibuddy.

Change Ups

So maybe your team owners are single or do not have that special someone in their life, and we totally get and respect that. You do you, baby boo. Mothers also serve as great people from whom we don’t want daily reminders to pay league fees. Or even better yet, collect the name and phone number for each league owner’s boss. There is nothing quite like the threat of contacting employers to get league owners to pony up – :).


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