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Trade Summit

A Rule About Trades

There is a reason the Fantasy Draft is one of the most exciting aspects of each fantasy football league. It is the meeting of the minds where all you leaguemates gather either in person or at least online in order to show how much (or how little) they know. So why not bring everyone together again for a beat-the-deadline trade summit hosted by funds accumulated through season transactions! Beers, brats, and bad trades galore!


How It Works

The fundamental principle of this rule is that each add/drop transaction throughout your league’s season will cost the owner a real dollar amount. Depending on the frugality of your league, this can range anywhere from $.50 to $2 to $5 for you big spenders. Owners will send the commissioner whatever the agreed upon dollar amount is per transaction leading up to the Trade Summit. It’s best to set this date sometime near the trade deadline in your league in order to amplify the urgency of trades being made. All of this money that has been collected up until this point is then put towards food and drink for the Trade Summit, for all to enjoy. From there, sit back and watch the madness ensue.


Of course, this rule works best when all owners are able to gather round in the same place and enjoy the goods purchased by league transactions, so it may work best in leagues where the owners all live near each other or can easily travel. Setting a countdown to the trade deadline at the end of the night is an easy way to increase intensity and drama that will likely unfold throughout the summit.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Establish a dollar amount per transaction for the league and set up an easy way for owners to pay. Perhaps setting up a deadline each week before game time on Sunday for owners to have paid up for their weekly adds.
  • Set a date and location for the Trade Summit to take place, preferably near the trade deadline date and at a time when every owner can participate.
  • Use the accumulated funds to purchase food and drink for all owners to indulge and be sure to build up the importance of this final trade summit to get everyone excited and active in the live wheeling and dealing of players.

Change Ups

Offering food and drink and corralling everyone in a room together should be enough to instigate some trade talks, but if your league is tentative on trading there are some ways to incentivize deals. Offer door prizes for various things at the summit such as “first trade” or “largest deal.” This is a great way to get more people involved and add to the excitement. Head on over to our Trade Deadline Rule to learn more about setting an appropriate deadline that will coincide with your Trade Summit.


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