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A Rule About Waivers

Boy that’s a mouthful. So let’s stick to FAAB (pronounced FAB), as in “what a FAABulous new way to handle waivers in my fantasy league.” If you have never been that person who put in a waiver claim only to have some bottom-rung-no-chance-at-making-playoffs team scoop up that player ahead of you then you have likely been that bottom rung team stealing players and creating arch enemies along the way. And we here at MCR are sick of it! But we have a solution. FAAB waivers. A yearly budget for your waiver claims. Imagine a world where every team has an equal opportunity to pick up any players from waivers. Ahh. It’s nice isn’t it? Feels good? That’s what we thought.



How It Works

As Wyclef Jean famously(?) sung(?), it is indeed about dollar dollar bills y’all. Each team is allotted a budget at the beginning of the fantasy year, we suggest either $100 or $200. If you are living the high life this can be actual money, but that is not at all necessary. Think of this budget as Monopoly money, or points even. During the season, the weekly waiver adds take place just like in any other format, but the priority goes to the team who allots the most money for that transaction.


For example, a claim is put in for a WR and Owner 1 puts $5 on the claim. Owner 2 puts in a claim for the same player but wagers $7. Owner 2 would then get that player and $7 would be deducted from their total. Owner 1 retains the $5 they bid since their transaction did not go through. Claims can be placed on multiple players during the week and it is up to the owner to determine the amount they want to spend for each transaction individually. When the waiver wire closes, the priority will always go to the owner who wagered the higher amount of FAAB waiver dollars.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Set the amount of money each team will receive at the beginning of the season and make sure owners are aware of the changes to waiver claims.
  • Change Waivers in league settings be determined by FAAB dollars. The league site will keep track of dollars spent and remaining balances for each owner.
  • Once a team is out of their allotted FAAB, they will still be able to make claims, but only for $0.
  • Decide whether there will be a way to get FAAB dollars back throughout the year.

Change Ups

Most leagues decide that once a team depletes their FAAB waiver dollars, that’s all folks. But you could create ways for teams to replenish their funds throughout the year. Our Weekly Goal Rule is intended to provide real cash payouts each week, but could be modified to be a FAAB dollar payout each week. FAAB dollars can also be used as an incentive to get owners to trade, or even be offered as an additional bargaining chip in trades as well.


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