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Multiple Keepers

A Rule About Keepers

So you have grown tired of your Standard Keeper league and want to up the ante? This format is for your greedy little owners who were not satisfied just keeping one player from year-to-year. The idea behind Multiple Keepers is to really incentivize preparedness and well-educated drafting because of the potential to keep significant contributors to your fantasy team year after year.


How It Works

This rule is identical to the Standard Keeper Rule as far as mechanics go, but instead of keeping just one player at year’s end, owners can keep up to however many you choose (we recommend somewhere around three as to limit creeping into Dynasty League territory). Owners will select up to three keepers prior to the draft and those players will automatically be selected in the first rounds of the draft for that owner.


To break this down a bit let’s look at a mini-snake draft with three teams. Owner 1 has chosen to keep one player, while Owner 2 has chosen two keepers and Owner 3 has selected three keepers. In Round 1, Owners 1, 2, and 3 will select their first keeper. In Round 2, Owners 2 and 3 will select their keepers while Owner 1 will get to choose from any player available in the draft pool, like a typical draft. In Round 3, Owner 3 will select their third and final keeper and Owner 1 and 2 will be able to select any player available. As Commish, you should be aware of which owner is keeping which players and guide owners through the first three rounds.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Make sure your league settings are adjusted to account for keeping players from the previous season.
  • Determine a date for owners to select their keepers prior to the draft. Have them submit keeper picks to you or through the league site.
  • When it comes time to draft, most league sites will have a keeper setting that will  automatically take effect and your job should be easy as pie.
  • Coordinate the first three rounds of the draft, as a few pesky league owners may have questions

Change Ups

See the Rounded Keepers Rule for our preferred spin on the keeper league. Instead of owner’s keeping players in the first few rounds, a player’s draft position is more closely tied to where they were selected in the previous year, limiting the chance of an owner keeping a player for their entire career.

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