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A Rule About Season-Long Wagers

Ever feel like you should be rewarded even more for all the monster games players on your roster have throughout the season? This Bingo Rule combines the best of fantasy football, the NFL, and that game you always play at your family get togethers. This ain’t your grandma’s Bingo, however. This kind of Bingo involves excitement, heart-pumping suspense, trash talk, and cash prizes. Wait…maybe this is your grandma’s Bingo.


How It Works

This rule is really just as it may sound. Throughout the course of the season, league owners will all play one big game of Bingo as a supplement to your normal fantasy season. Except, instead of Bingo’s typical numbered-squares, owners will mark off bingo squares based on the performance of their rostered players. To fund this Bingo competition, additional dues should be collected at the beginning of the season or, if the league agrees, money should be co-opted from the final payouts.  


At the beginning of the season, provide a single, common bingo card to all league owners. You can post this in the group chat or somewhere otherwise easily accessible. The Bingo card should be the standard 5 x 5 matrix of squares with player objectives in each of the squares. Examples of these objectives can include “QB passes for 400+ yards in a game”, “RB rushes for 1,000 rush yards in a season”, “Player scores an 80+ yard touchdown”, “Kick at 55+ yard field goal”, “WR catches 10+ passes”, “WR passing touchdown”, etc.


Only a starting player’s performance can be counted towards marking off Bingo squares, owners will not be rewarded for the performance of their bench players. The first owner to fill out a line will be declared the winner. That owner is responsible for announcing their Bingo to the league and must supply the Commish with information on the player, the week, and the objective that was completed. The Commish will determine if it is a legitimate Bingo and payouts will be distributed. If no owners completes a Bingo during the season, payouts should be carried over to the following season.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Create a common Bingo card with season-long, semi-rare player objectives. If you want, include the “Free Space”.
  • Have owners pay a Bingo Dues fee either in addition to your existing league dues or divert some of the final Champion payout dollars to the Bingo payout
  • Starting players can achieve objectives on the field that will qualify to check off the corresponding Bingo square
  • Owners will be responsible for keeping track of which players have met the objectives and in which weeks
  • If an owner declares a Bingo, the Commish will confirm if it is a legitimate Bingo.
  • If it is legitimate, the owner will receive the Bingo payout.

Change Ups

If you’re a really ambitious Commish, we like the idea of converting this Bingo game into one that takes place on a weekly basis rather than a whole season. Instead of more difficult objectives that only happen semi-rarely throughout the entire season, change the Bingo card to include semi-common objectives that happen more frequently, like “a non-QB scores twice in a game”, or “100 yard rusher”, etc. Owners would then have the option to opt into the Bingo game each week, paying a smaller fee, and have a greater likelihood of scoring a Bingo. If no owner secures a Bingo in the current week, the payout is rolled over into the next week where the pot will grow and grow until someone is declared the winner.


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