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A Rule About Season-Long Wagers

When I was in kindergarten I got an award for best napper, and when I was 22 years old I bought myself a “Bedtime Champ” ribbon at a dollar store. And they both meant the world to me. Why? Because everybody loves to get an award. I mean honestly, why do the ESPYs exist? So that multi-million dollar athletes can get a little pat on the back as well. So give the people what they want! Spice up your league with some good old fashioned homemade awards.


How It Works

The first step is to come up with some awards. Below is a list that we already came up with–wow how amazing you are so welcome how could you ever repay us?

  • Fantasy MVP
  • Fantasy Bust of the Year
  • Fantasy Sleeper Pick of the Year
  • Owner of the Year
  • Free-Agent Pickup of the Year
  • Fantasy Team Name of the Year
  • Worst Trade of the Season
  • Biggest Blowout
  • Best Rivalry
  • Worst Manager

The next step is hand out these awards in a ceremony of some sort. Make it fancy, make it over the top, or make it low-key, make it online. The end goal is just to make all the owners feel appreciated or recognized, for better or for worse. Just make sure that Ellen Degeneres doesn’t show up.


Nuts and Bolts

  • Create the awards and the awards criteria. This is a good time to speak with your most trusted cabinet members in order to delegate some of the work.
  • Get someone artistic in the league to make certificates or some sort of trinket that you can give out to the award winners, or check out these awesome tiny trophies you can buy.
  • Make it known to the league what the awards are and how much can be won.
  • Determine how much cash will be given with each award and how this cash will be acquired (i.e. increased buy-in or decreased payouts).
  • Make some concrete decisions about how the awards will be presented and what the actual prizes will be and then let the show begin!

Change Ups

This can truly be as big or as small as you make it. Choose to go all out and wear suits and drink champagne. OR text the winners and send over some venmo cash. You have all the power when it comes to the number of awards and how you announce them at the end of the season.


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