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Tiered PPR

A Rule About Scoring

Today, the Point-Per-Reception (PPR) scoring format is becoming pretty much ubiquitously used in fantasy football leagues. It’s a fun and easy way to add more points to your league. This format does come with its drawbacks though. Mostly that the format broadly attributes a point to any reception regardless of yardage or the location on the field. But we are here to give you an alternative to that archaic system. Similar to our Long Play Bonus Rule, the Tiered PPR Format reflects our understanding that not all catches are created equal. A 5-yard checkdown is not the same as a 37-yard shot downfield. So why are you still treating them the same in your league? 


How It Works

In this format, league owners come to agreement on how many and at what yardages the reception tiers should take place. These can be as simple as an extra point bonus for crossing each 10-yard tier. Or, you could split it up so that you are awarding fractional points in smaller tiers.


We suggest using a scoring system that disincentivizes short dump offs while rewarding long ball plays. That looks something like this:


  • Receptions of 0 – 4 yards = 0.25pt bonus
  • 5 – 9 yards = 0.5pt bonus
  • 10 – 19 = 0.75pt bonus
  • 20 – 29 = 1pt bonus
  • 30 – 39 = 1.25pt bonus
  • 40+ = 1.5pt bonus

It is up to your league how you want to apply this scoring format. You could either apply these points in addition to your normal PPR scoring so that a 4 yard catch equals 1 standard PPR point plus a 0.25 Tiered PPR bonus (plus whatever individual yardage scoring you have in place). Or, you can eliminate your standard PPR format altogether in favor of this fractional structure.


Implementing this scoring format in your traditional league site might be difficult though. ESPN, Yahoo, and NFL typically don’t allow this kind of detailed customization. That’s why, if you are interested in implementing this scoring format, MyCommishRules recommends you move your league over to our friends at They allow hyper-customization of your league and if you have questions, their customer support is top notch. You should probably just move your league to the Sleeper app anyway. 


Nuts and Bolts

  • League members vote on implementing this alternative PPR scoring format, on the amount of tiers, and the point bonus for each tier.
  • Once the league has voted, determine if this format will be in addition to your typical PPR format (i.e. act as extra bonus points) or replace your PPR format entirely.
  • In order to implement this scoring format you may have to make a league site move to one that offers this kind of customization. We suggest using the for your Tiered PPR league.

Change Ups

The bonus amount you wish to attribute to the yardage of each is obviously up to you. Our numbers above are only a starting place.


We also wonder if there is some possibility to integrate a few subjective factors into your PPR scoring system. Currently, PPR scoring only considers numerical factors. But what if you could add points for non-numerical factors of a catch such as a difficulty rating (using contested catch data) or a “clutchness” rating (catches under the two minute warning or on 4th downs)? This change up requires a little more dedication on the part of The Commish and maybe a switch to a different league platform that will allow this hyper-customization.


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