My Commish Rules

League Mechanics

When should your playoffs start? How does your league determine the order of the draft? What breaks a tie? Which scheduling system makes the most sense?


We have a few suggestions. 

Draft Order Randomization
Never pick names out of a hat again.
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League Dues
It's not your job to shake down your leaguemates.
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The season after the season.
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Who plays who and when.
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Your league’s scoring format could probably use an update.
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It's not as simple as drawings straws.
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Two Of Our Favorites At The Moment


All League Mechanics Rules

Rivalry Week

North Carolina-Duke. Michigan-Ohio State. Green Bay-Chicago. Rivalries are one of the major reasons why we love sports. The “Us v.s. Them” mentality keeps us coming […]

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Just great! Your star running back gets injured on the opening drive of the game and puts up a big ole goose egg. Meanwhile, a mid-tier running back on […]

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Super Season

Can’t find a set of chumps to reliably finish out the season or come back next year? Starting to feel frustrated about a recent rash of league owner turnover? Us […]

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The Most Charitable Draft

The charitable spirit has always been alive and well in Fantasy Football. Stories of recurring league donations are commonplace. Recently, Fantasy Football generosity has gained even more momentum with the […]

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Tiered PPR

Today, the Point-Per-Reception (PPR) scoring format is becoming pretty much ubiquitously used in fantasy football leagues. It’s a fun and easy way to add more points to your league. […]

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Two-Week Playoff

Let us paint you a little picture. It is the first week of the playoffs. You have gone 13-1 and have the clear-cut best team in the league. Your […]

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